May 19, 2008

On the Road Again

Tomorrow I leave for Anchorage for a couple of days for Alaska North Slope Gas duty. It has been insane since January and I have either been traveling or sick (funny how that works) since then. Not much new because of the heavy work and light recreation routine I am on, but I'll post pre-Anchorage photos. Anchorage has a "1% for Art" rule in the municipality. I like the concept; 1% of the cost of a construction project is set aside for public art. The net result is that Anchorage has some fantastic public art scattered around town. Unfortunately, the 1% rule has created more demand than the good artists can meet.

Exhibit number 1: the public art that was installed outside our offices:

These freakish Iggy Pop beasts hang out in front of the Key Bank building in downtown Anchorage. They were installed (or abandoned?) with no explanation and have been there now for about two years.

Hopefully the weather will be good as will the trip.

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