May 5, 2008

MPLS vs. Anchorage

Two years ago we moved back to Minneapolis after living in Anchorage for 2.5 years (three winters, as my wife points out). I unearthed an old Gmaps route of my commute in Anchorage on an old BikeForums thread so I am posting it to compare to the current ride. There is a lot to like about Minneapolis, but the commute is not one of them.



Yes, I have more scenic options in MPLS than this one, but with the 35W bridge construction closing the River Road and the damn Twins stadium under construction, my usual scenic rides are out of commission for the season. All in all, though, MPLS is more bike-friendly than ANC.


  1. Is that image "Boulevard of Broken Chains"?

  2. I don't understand the question. If you are referring to the image at the top of the page, that's a photoshop based on a photo that was posted on Fixed Gear Gallery and discussed (at length) on Bike Forums. See the post "Can't Leave it Alone" for more info.