May 28, 2008

Stretching for Cyclists

A good PDF on stretching for cyclists can be found here. Someone posted this on MBL today and it's worth sharing.

On another note, I scored a used BOB trailer last night for damn fair price. No pictures yet, but I will get the camera and document it at some point. The BOB is a clever design and I hope to use it for groceries and errands. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to attach to the bike. The Cross Check has the BOB skewer in the rear wheel now and I have one more skewer, so the next task is to see if I can fit this on Molly's Breezer. I am a little afraid of that Nexus hub, but we'll see.

I took it out tonight for a test ride and it was great. When you hit a bump, the un-loaded trailer bounces and it feels a lot like a flat, but it settles down quickly and it's not a problem. I plan to load it up this weekend with groceries and maybe a run to Home Depot. Pics will be posted.

That is all.

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