Jan 20, 2009


I spent the better part of the week in Anchorage in a series of project meetings and working with our Anchorage staff. The weather was blessedly warm compared to what they have been experiencing - highs in the mid-30's or so, but cloudy and a little drizzly.

The big news from ANC: Ted Stevens was not pardoned by W as he skulked out of office. Sen. Lisa Murkowski requested a parden for Uncle Ted, but apparently W stayed silent on the matter.

I am pleased to report that even the People's Republic of Alaska most everyone paid attention to the inaugeration (sp?) of the POTUS on Tuesday. We were able to catch it before work due to the time difference between the east coast and AK. Too bad the Chief Justice bungled the oath - I predict that will launch a right-wing conspiracy in the very near future (why did he not take the official oath? Why was there a second oath in secret, with NO BIBLE). And so it goes...

The Alaska extreme racing crazys are gearing up for the 1,100 mile Idarod invitational. This is an amazing event - people race their Pugsley's and Fatbacks from Wasilla to Nome on the route of the Iditarod dog sled race. It takes place one week before the Iditarod. The winner last year biked the course in 18 days, which is faster than some of the dog sled race winners. This has to be incredibly harsh and lonely. And I doubt their are cheering crowds and podium girls at the finish.

The oddest news of the week: Jimmy Buffet is sponsoring a Jamaican guy who is racing in the Yukon Quest dog sled race. He's got a blog, so you can check it out of you like.

That's the news. 

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