Jan 16, 2009


I was working out of our Calgary office for two days this week.  Last night I stumbled across CKUA again.  CKUA is Canada's first public broadcaster and first educational broadcaster; they were founded by the University of Alberta Campus in Edmonton in 1927.  Although they are based in Edmonton, they broadcast in Calgary (I am not sure what's up with that, but I liked it).

Last night they were playing a mix of folk, modern folk and jazz, interspersed with spoken word pieces by Billy Collins and other contemporary poets. It was really great to get poetry on the radio - why doesn't anyone do that in the L-48?  Quite frankly, CKUA puts the NPR/MPR empire to shame in terms of quality of content. And even though it's public radio, it's not gassy and arrogant.  It was almost as if I was in a foreign land.

You can listen on-line by following the link in this post.  If you get some decent speakers for your PC, you can ditch your conventional radio away and improve your quality of life by listening on-line to all kinds of good stations, including CKUA, WMSE in Milwaukee, WLIU on Long Island, KWHL and KNBA in Anchorage, and KPFT in Houston. Links are provided in the column at right to help you out. 


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