Jan 24, 2009

Strategic Reconfiguration - Phase 2

I took the plunge (and by that, I mean that I did not "pull the trigger") on an Extracycle Freeradical kit.  The gentlemen at Hiawatha Cyclery finished the installation today and I picked it up and rode it home.

I was surprised at how much it rides like the original Cross Check. Of course, it was unloaded except for the spare parts that were left over after the conversion, but I really did not notice the longer wheelbase at all. More photos are on the Flickr site, including super-size versions.

I think this is going to be handy as hell - the big side bags can swallow the equivalent of 6 bags of groceries and handle oversized and odd-shaped stuff well.  I was pleased that Mark at HC was able to squeeze the fenders under the top deck; it's tight, and I am probably at the upper limits of my tire size that I can run with this set up, but I doubt I would need anything wider than the 700 x 38c's I am currently riding (and by that, I mean "rocking").

Unfortunately for me, I did not dress quite correctly for the ride home (yes, yes... I know better).  My eyes sort of froze shut in the brisk westerly breeze and my manparts were, um... cold.  Other than that, it was a nice ride.

A big thanks to Mark and Jim at HC for the build and fellowship while the finishing touches were added - I am looking forward to some more pleasant riding weather to try it out more fully.

Edit: I got a few questions from friends and co-workers about how this attaches to the frame. Here is a link with some good photos showing the conversion.


  1. Thank you for (among other things) making fun of some of my slang pet peeves.

  2. Thanks, Shishi.

    Jim - Every time I hear someone talking about how they had to pull the trigger on a new whip because the ride they were rocking was just not right, it kind of makes me want to smack someone. And by that, I mean smack someone.

    Even though they are talking about bikes.

    I am turning into a curmudgeon.

  3. Sometimes for extra emphasis, I prefer "rawk" to "rock". As in: I see you are rawking the Tektro v-brake levers. This modification of the usual vernacular, however slight it may seem, is only for the most refined of douchebags.