Jan 25, 2009

Hockey the way Nature Intended

I coaxed Molly into accompanying me to the final day of the Hockey tournament on Lake Nokomis.  It was partly a reason to get out of the house, partly an excuse to play with my new video camera and partly curiosity. Cold, clear and sunny weather greeted us as surveyed the scene from the deck of the mega-warming hut:

The U.S. Pond Hockey Championship is quite a scene. I have no idea how many people were participating in this, but suffice it to say that there were a lore more people there than I would have thought.  

We walked around the (very large) warming house that was erected on the beach of Lake Nokomis and got to see the trophy (I did not touch it although I wanted to).

We then ventured out on the ice to see some competition. I tried to video some of the action but due to me, that did not happen, apparently.  Nevertheless, it looks like the other videos turned out, so two out of three is not bad.

Fun times, if a bit odd, but I have to admit that I got swept up in the excitement and will probably end up out there again next year.

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