Mar 21, 2009

Right-Click on Mac!?!

For the most part, I have been very happy with my Mac Book. It's been trouble-free, fairly easy to use and has more than enough power for what I do on a computer. My only real frustration has been the lack of a right-click feature. I do a lot of those "right click" functions regularly and miss the ease of grabbing a link or a photo when I see something on the internets that grabs my attention.

It turns out this is an operator problem, and not necessarily a Mac short-coming. Here's how to right-click. The short answer is hold down the *control* while clicking. Awesome. Now if they would just put a USB port in back, or on the right side of the computer, to support the mouse....


  1. Mine has USB ports right and left.

  2. Great, Now I have Mac envy. I just looked again and they are all still on the left side. Grrrr.