Mar 23, 2009

Transit Battles Back

Hub and Spokes recently flagged an interesting article on the apparent resurgence of mass transit. According to the New York Times, ridership on mass transit in 2008 surpassed the levels seen prior to the construction of the interstate highway system. 

When you consider population growth since then, it does not seem like transit is making that strong a comeback, but one of the most interesting statistic in the NYT article is that the use of public transportation in the United States has risen 38% since 1995.  That trend continued despite the resent drop in gasoline prices, as a matter of fact. One transit pundit quoted in the article observes that this is the "leading edge" of a push for more public transportation and more walkable neighborhoods. 

Let's hope so.

Thanks for pointing that article out, H&S. The full text of the NYT article can be found here.

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