Mar 27, 2009

Cyclopath Needs Your Help

Back in October, I ran a short post about Cyclopath, a geowiki aimed at Twin Cities cyclists. I got an email earlier this week from the good people behind Cyclopath looking for some help from the cycling community to make Cyclopath better. I edited it a bit to fit in the links, but otherwise here's the info straight from the source....
Dear Cyclopath Community Member,

Spring is almost here, and we at Cyclopath Headquarters would like to enter the mainstream cycling season as the best resource we can be.

Some parts of the map still need attention from human eyes and minds -- i.e., yours! To make this easier, we have made two major improvements:

1. We have made Cyclopath's editing tools easier to use, and we have produced videos showing the systems's features and how to use them. You can view these tutorials online
right here.

2. We have created a system which will automatically direct you to areas of the map that need work (more bikeability ratings entered or edits to the geography of the map itself).
This link will take you to such an area and provide instructions.

Please click the link whenever you have a few minutes to help the Cyclopat community. This work will improve the Cyclopath experience for all cyclists, particularly improving the quality of computed routes.

If you have any questions, reply to this e-mail or contact

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy Cyclopath!

Reid Priedhorsky
Mikhil Masli
Loren Terveen
and the rest of the Cyclopath team

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