Oct 14, 2008


I finally got around to exploring Cyclopath tonight after work.  I first came across this on MBL but at the time I was swamped and did not want to take on another side project, but I came across it again tonight looking at another site developed by a contributor to Cyclopath.  

For those that do not know about this, here is a bit of background copped from the Cyclopath and MBL sites:

Cyclopath is  "geowiki" aimed at Twin Cities bicyclists. It is essentially an interactive map that you can enter information into and save for others to see it. You can also view information that others have added. The wiki will grow as people update/add to the data pile and eventually we should arrive at a good summary of the tribal knowledge of the users.  Cyclopath is currently in beta testing mode, but many riders are already using it.

I got on it tonight and fooled around with it. I added some points of interest near our house and rated my typical commute from home to work on the map.  The interface was easy to use and quite intuitive, and I will be curious to see how this develops.

I am going to add a link to Cyclopath to the "links" section of this page and plan to update it as I ride routes and watch it as it gets populated. Garbage in, garbage out, so if you have good knowledge of the local streets, I would encourage you to share it on the site.  The tool is very good, but for me the real test will be whether enough riders use this to make it comprehensive and whether it is useful for "reconning" routes that you have never ridden before.

That's it! Ride safe and stuff.

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