Oct 13, 2008

Richardson Nature Center

Molly and I headed out to Richardson Nature Center in Bloomington on Sunday to commune with Nature.  The birds were far and few between, and nothing to write home about, but the fall scenery was good and we found an excellent wasp nest conveniently located right in the parking lot.  

Years ago, I think I must have accidentally hooked a big wasp nest like this with the bike on the roof of my car.  A friend and I were driving down a fire road in Wisconsin with both of our bikes on the roof and did not see the wasp nest hanging over the road, but as we slowly negotiated the turn into the little parking lot where we were planning to leave the car, we noticed a lot of bugs flying around.  Being young and stupid, we did not think much of it and parked. When we opened the car door, we quickly figured out that something was seriously wrong and quickly got back in the car.  It was only then that I saw the nest laying on the ground at the parking lot entrance in my rear view mirror.  We ended up closing all the vents on the car and beating it out of there with only a few minor stings, but I now make a point of not getting too close to these things.

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