Oct 18, 2008

The End of the World

An animation piece that I like to watch now and then. There are naughty words, so NSFW, but funny nonetheless.

Speaking of the end of the world, many are getting pretty nervous about the economy and what's going to happen. I don't know what to think about it all, but the credit crunch is a worrisome thing and I am afraid we could be dragging an anchor for awhile.

I have been dragging an anchor myself the last couple of weeks. I think I am sampling the results of my steady diet of 1/3 stress, 1/3 anxiety and 1/3 routine.

The good news is I was able to do something about that and got on the Cross Check for a toodle around the sunny south side of MPLS. Stopped at the LBS for a little pick-me-up swag, ran some other errands to the grocery store and wine shop and generally took the long way. It was beautiful out - late fall breezy with plenty of sun.

And in case anyone is wondering, no I did NOT lose my cell phone today.

That's it. Now turn off the computer and go outside!

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