Oct 12, 2008

How to Harden the Fuck Up: A Public Service Message

For those that maybe not be entirely in the Harden The Fuck Up (HTFU) loop, there is a comedian in Australia named Ronnie Johns that has made this kind of a tag line (like Larry The Cable Guy's "Get 'er Done!).   Ronnie sells the wrist bands to the public at his swag site.  I had missed this cultural phenomenon until last summer, when Stuart O'Grady (an Aussie sprinter for the CSC cycling team) gave his team-mates wristbands before the start of the 2007 Tour de France (think Lance and "LIVESTRONG"). O'Grady's wristbands, however, were black and bore the message "Harden The Fuck Up". According to at least one CSC rider, they were helpful

I almost ordered one of these last year, but I failed to execute.  I have not stopped thinking about the concept, however.  Tonight I came across an "Ask Metafilter" thread on just how exactly one goes about hardening the fuck up.  That seems like advice we all could use at this point, so I am passing it on free of charge. because it's timely.  Here is the thread.  If you bother to actually read the link, you will see that it kind of flies in the face of the HTFU ethic - it's introspective and cerebral, but it might be useful to the people that need it most, so I am posting it as a public service.

With the economy falling down the stairs, a major election looming with no candidates that I actually want to vote for, and winter coming, I have decided that, at least for me, it is time to take Ronnie and Stu's advice and HTFU.  

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