Oct 27, 2008

Those Alaskans...

... and their Pugsleys.
The Anchorage Daily News ran an interesting article in the Sunday sports section about two guys from Anchorage who rode their Pugsleys and pack-rafted from Yakutat to Cordova. All told, this was about a 300 mile journey. The full write up and a few photos are available on the ADN site here.
One of the adventurers, Eric Parsons, probably wins the prize for most expensive component ever installed on a Pugsley. His chain ring bolts loosened and he accidentally ripped his chain ring apart, and his bike was paws-up without a replacement. No problem for Eric, however: he put a call (on a satellite phone) to Speedway Cycles in Anchorage and ordered a replacement chain ring, had it shipped to Yakutat, and then arranged for a bush plane to drop the parts off on the beach they were camping out on. I don't even want to know what that repair cost (without shop labor, no less).
More details can be found on their blog, which can be at viewed here (warning - if you click the link, you need to understand that "bomber" is Anchoragese for "really quite good"). It's worth going to the blog - they posted more photos of the ride and have other insights that ADN did not pick up, like gear reviews. Apparently they ran their Pugs as fixed gears, that's why the chain ring had to be replaced (no other chain ring to ride on). That's pretty hard core.
That's it. I am out of here on the Red Tail at 9:45 tomorrow morning, so with any luck I should be back in MPLS by dinner time.

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