Oct 21, 2008

I Can Spot a Waterford from 4,000 Miles Away

The conventional wisdom among my married friends is that the wife needs to essentially train the husband in order for things to work out in the long run.

Happily for me, some of my training has rubbed off on the wife, however.

Today, I was unexpectedly treated to photos of a Waterford she saw while in Maine last week. It's a fine, fine woman that keeps an eye peeled for a sweet bike, and then takes the time snap a picture, and email them over to me.

This is almost the color of purple I wanted to get my Waterford 1200 painted last winter; I was going for that rich purple 3Rensho used to paint some of their road bikes, but I locked in on a sweet metallic orange instead. No regrets, but it's nice to see what that purple looks like again.

Enjoy the bike porn!

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