Oct 7, 2008

My Political Compass Score

I saw a post on Planetary Gears about an on-line test to find out politically where you stand. I took the test tonight because I could not begin to tell you whether I am liberal or conservative - I have too many conflicting opinions to sort it out and I generally don't like either party for a variety of reasons.

So, here's where I stack up:

I guess I am a moderate libertarian??? I would not have guessed that I would have fallen here, but then, I just admitted that I had no idea where I would fit so I really should not be surprised.

Here is the link to the test in case any of you want to rate yourself.


  1. I took the test too - here in Madison WI I am right on the line between authoritarian and libertarian, and I am left of center by two squares. Don't tell the local political party I was active in for years . . . !

  2. From the Wikipedia:

    Among outside political watchers, some consider Libertarians to be conservative (primarily because of their support of the right to bear arms and because of their views on taxes and states' rights); while others consider them liberal because of their advocacy of a non-interventionist foreign policy, the repeal of drug prohibition, and the elimination of laws that interfere with private consensual acts (such as prostitution and gambling). Libertarians consider themselves neither conservative nor liberal; rather, they believe they represent a unique philosophy that is all their own.