Oct 3, 2008

How to Improve Presidential Debates

Like many people across the county, we watched the Vice Presidential debate last night. I felt that Biden generally "won" the debate, but Palin did much better than I was expecting her to do.

I had a great idea while watching the discourse, however. I noticed during the Beijing olympic fencing matches that the swordspeople had LED's in their face masks that lit up when they got stabbed. Fencing is so fast that it is very hard to keep up with, even on TV, and the LED's made keeping up with each match much easier.

My fellow Americans - I suggest that we put fencing masks on politicians during debates. If they answer a question well, then the judge(s) could light up a green light on the helmet. If they blow a question, then a red light would flash. Scores could be easily quantified and the footage could be endlessly looped on CNN and YouTube for our enterntainment.

On another note, the Twin Cities Marathon is this Sunday, and I have several employees running it again this year, so I will probably be standing around on the Parkway near the house much of Sunday morning with my camera in case anyone wants to roll by (in the probable rain).

That's it, take care and thanks for reading. Ride safe!

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