Mar 19, 2009

So Far, So Good

On the bus
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The move to car-light has gone surprisingly easily, so far.

I turned in my paid parking pass at my office on March 1 and have been getting to work on a "Go-To" card with no real problems or inconveniences, and for the most part, I have been able to use my bike for the other miscellaneous errands.

It's a lot easier than I anticipated to not use a car at all during the week because of my 9 to 5 (actually more like 7:30 - 5:30) job. I can take either of two routes into downtown and the time difference between them is only about 10 minutes, so I take whichever bus comes first. I read book, don't talk to my Bus Friend, and then walk a few blocks downtown and I am in the office. Piece of cake. On the way home, I can get off at either Bloomington Ave. (close to home) or Chicago Ave. (close to some shops) so I can generally fend for myself to and from work. Minor errands are easy on a bike and I have a grocery store, a convenience store and a dry cleaner close by (within walking distance, in fact), so that helps.

I had to go into the office this weekend and rode in for that errand. Luck was with me, as I said before, because it was warm and beautiful (but a little windy) on Saturday.

I will not likely become a car-free zealot; I can see a place for cars in most people's lives and do not resent people for owning and driving them. I can, however, also foresee becoming a one car family in the not-so-distant future. With the Mighty Tundra sitting idle in front of my house, I wonder if someone else could perhaps put it to better use. That said, it's paid off, I like the truck, and I can afford the insurance, so I am not inclined to make too hasty a decision about that. Perhaps a loan to a needy and worthy relative might be in order...


  1. If you do go to one car, Hour Car is always an option when you need a second vehicle. As you know I don't have a car so it has worked out great for me. I have access to bike, bus, LRT, and car pretty much whenever I need them.

    You should do a trial run this summer of only trying to use one car for about a month and see how it goes.

    Good luck.

  2. We've been a one car family since August and I don't miss the second car one bit. The savings are well worth the hit as you are a city dweller and have ample access to public transport or Hour Cars (which I've found to be expensive and unnecessary). The dual-mode bike/bus or bike/train combo work really well.

    You sound like you're well on your way to Oneness...