Dec 28, 2009

The Storm of the Century!!

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Christmas brought us the much-hyped "The Storm of the Century" - supposedly the most snow we've had in years and years. What we actually got was about 9-inches of wet snow. Yes, it was inconvenient, but I would hardly say this was the worst that Mother Nature has to dish out for us this winter.

We did change our plans somewhat to accommodate the weather, traveling to my Mother-in-law's house before Christmas rather than over Christmas. We faired well, however. Plenty of wood for the fire place, plenty of food for the Christmas feast and plenty of time to relax. I finishing a few books, helped to push a slacker neighbor out of the snow, rumbled around the snowy streets in my four-wheel drive truck for a few days and generally enjoyed some adversity to life in a major city.

The downtime has me thinking about goal-setting for next year (I don't make resolutions; I do goal-setting instead). I did pretty well on my personal goals for 2009 in retrospect, and that feels like a victory to me. I am not quite ready to post the 2010 goals, but those will probably go up here in the near future.

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