Mar 24, 2010


I signed myself up for Do.Cycle in mid-July and have been steadily chipping away at my mileage awards during my commutes. It now appears that I am at the end of my awards - they seem to turn off the swag tap at 775 miles or so.

Fair enough, I guess. I've got a 20% off coupon hanging on my fridge right now and I'm not sure what I am going to do with it - maybe a new helmet for the season? Those Lazers are so comfy...

I am trying to get my company to embrace the Do campaign, and to start a Do.Cycle team at my office, but the program seems to be fairly Minnesota-specific, and we have offices in several states. HR is working the issue and I have no doubt they'll come up with a good solution to making this inclusive and fun.

If you have not enrolled in the Do.Cycle program, it's worth it. Any miles count, you get a free water bottle just for signing up, and it's fun to get the awards, even if you don't use them. My favorite award is my free socks that cost $50. I got an award for a free pair of Do.Cycle logo socks (which I really wanted because I have a slight fetish for bike socks) but the hitch was that I had to buy $50 of other stuff. I wondered around Freewheel picking up patch kits, pin spanners and other garf until I hit the magic amount.

I think Freewheel made out better on that deal than I did,  but then I wore those socks today, too.

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