Mar 13, 2010

Southern Connector

On Sunday, March 21, The City of Minneapolis will be hosting a working group tour for bicyclists to experience and discuss the proposed Southern Bike Connection. This would be a great improvement in our current bike infrastructure - check out the maps.

In the interest of full disclosure, this project would be an absolute God-send to me, personally. I generally yo-yo up and down Park and Portland on my commute for lack of a better alternative, and I have wished for a more laid back north-south route since moving back to the Twin Towns in 2006. The side streets are okay, but the busier streets (such as Bloomington), can feel pretty bike-hostile as you get further north, and the side streets can be pretty slow due to stop signs on ever corner.

Hop on you bike and meet at the 18th Ave. bridge over Midtown Greenway on Sunday, March 21 at 1:00 to join the group. I will most definitely be there. Please, please support this project!!

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