Mar 3, 2010

A Sign of Spring

Two signs of spring, actually.

1.) For whatever reason, ducks sit on the roof of a house near my bus stop on Bloomington Ave. It's the strangest thing. The ducks are up there every freaking morning in spring and summer. Today they were back. They might have been there Monday or Tuesday, but I don't know because I rode my bike rather taking the bus. All I know is that today the ducks are here. WTF?

2.) Tonight walking home from 48th and Chicago I saw a big raccoon crawl into a tunnel in the snow and disappear down a storm drain. I've seen these f'ing things before around the neighborhood and they kind of creep me out; at first you think they are cats, but as you get closer you realize they are raccoons. Ick.

Two signs in one day. I took the Nokians off and mounted the Big Apples tonight in response to these omens. Let's hope I am right.


  1. I have thought about taking the studs off, but am going to wait another 2 weeks especially since I do not have tires yet.

  2. I'm itching to ride the LHT, but the streets are far too icy in the morning for such narrow tires. Perhaps I'll bring the DumVee out of mothballs and ride that.