Mar 6, 2010

Perfect From Now On

The cumulative effect of my life is nudging me toward some sort of health and wellness make over. Believe it or not, having a brain that doesn't shut off and a tendency to put a little too much on yourself can make things start to wear thin after awhile. Who'd a thunk it?

I had a bodywork session on Wednesday for the first time in years and will be doing more of that to get the knots and kinks out of my back and neck. I am also supposed to find a yoga class and maybe a meditation class as well. Fortunately the weather is better for riding, so some physical activity will only help.

There is a delicious irony here because all of this will help to manage some perfectionist tendencies that make it difficult to find peace. Accepting that things can be less than perfect will actually make me more perfect from now on.

Roll that around in your brain for awhile.


  1. Yoga, huh? With a couple other {old,stiff} folks, we could get ourselves a teach and take over a class.

  2. My wife teaches yoga and would love to do a yoga party!

  3. MN_homesteader: We should explore this a little bit further. I might be able to come up a few people that would be interested in giving this a go, but it will probably come down to the details.

    Brother Yam: Can you please send your email address both for my reference and to follow up on this idea? Maybe you and Mrs. Yam, plus me and Mrs. Snak Shak could be the nucleus of a yoga class aimed at our needs and interests.