Aug 12, 2010

3-Speed Ride II

Three Speed
Originally uploaded by Snak Shak
The second 3-speed ride is coming up this Sunday. We will be meeting at Princess Depot at Minnehaha Falls park at 10:00 AM on Sunday, August 15. It was blazing hot last Sunday when we did the first one of these, but we had fun nonetheless. Hopefully, with better weather this weekend, this go-'round will be better still.

I spent a pleasant evening with Bikesmith tonight, getting the bottom-bracket on my cantankerous British beast smooth as butter and talking bikes in anticipation of the ride (so much to learn...).  Hopefully, he and Mrs. Bikesmith, and perhaps some others from the All-British Cycling squad will be able to join us.

If your bike is not quite perfect (i.e. an old English 3-speed) and you still want to come along, I welcome you. No super-hero colored lyrca or crabon fibre frames, that's all I ask. This ride's more about conversation and enjoyment. There's room for Dutch bikes on this ride, I suspect.


  1. If we weren't camping this weekend, we'd be there. Maybe you can ride out to Sibley State Park and meet us?

  2. That would be an epic ride. I'd need a beer or two after that to fuel up for the ride home.