Aug 7, 2010

U-Lock Justice Time

I can't believe it. Brother Yam's beloved Dumvee has gone missing. I was listening to him regale me with tales of how much he loved this bike just last evening.

It was last seen at 34th Street and Minnehaha Parkway. It is a bean-green Surly Big Dummy with an Alfine internal hub, big Albatross bars and wide, white Fat Frank tires. He did not have the cooler mounted on it last night.

We have had an absolute rash of bike thefts this summer, but this is the last straw. If I see anybody riding this bike, which is pretty unmistakable, I may well beat them senseless with my lock.

UPDATE: As of Sunday evening, Brother Yam has his bike back. I have sheathed my u-lock.

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  1. Thanks for joining the posse, I'm amazed at how quickly y'all got out and posted. Mrs and I are truly amazed at the response.