Aug 4, 2010

Three Speed Ride - Revised Plan of Operations

Three Speed
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After some back-and-forth on when to actually try and stage the what I believe may very well be the first-ever MPLSBikeLove 3-speed ride, we seem to be zeroing in on a plan that calls for not one, but TWO rides.

The first ride is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, August 8 at 10:00 AM. We shall meet at the Princess Depot, located between Minnehaha Falls Park and Hiawatha Ave. north of 50th Street.

The second ride is scheduled for the Sunday, August 15 at 10:00 AM. Same meeting place.

This should give everyone that is interested in trying this a time that works. If there's enough interest, I would consider making this a semi-regular thing, but we'll just take this step-wise and see what happens since planning this kind of stuff does not seem to a strength for me.

This is a friendly, casual, no-drop ride. No tweed required. Three-speeds (new or old) are encouraged. If anyone shows up on a bike that has more than three speeds, we will probably let you come along, but be advised that the management reserves the right to restrict riders of bikes with more than three speeds to the use of no more than 3 speeds at any given time during the course of the ride.

I hope this works out...

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