Aug 10, 2010

Hunkering Down for Now

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This has largely been a summer devoted to survival. I have done exactly zero Hiawatha rides, and the only other group rides I have completed this season can be counted on two of the five fingers on one of my hands. No long recreational rides other than a star-crossed adventure on the Luce Line trail into 30 mph head-winds early this spring...

The Great Recession seems to be loosening its grip, and that's much appreciated, but after all this, I suspect more than one person is re-evaluating their life and their priorities at this point in time.

My focus has been relatively short-term for the last 12 months or so. When you report results in a difficult market on a monthly basis, it's hard to really plan for the future. Nevertheless, I have been making long-term strategic plays while making sure to cover the short-term bases, both at work and at home. This seems to help keep me in good working order.

Case in point - I led my first ever (semi-) organized bike ride last Sunday. It was hotter than hell and very humid, so the weather was against us, but a brave contingent turned out for a leisurely three-speed ride around the more scenic parts of South Minneapolis on Sunday morning.

It was fun. Great company, good conversation and a nice breakfast at the end of the adventure. True, we didn't go very far, but this was a positive move on more than one front, and I'll do it again next weekend as well.

Maybe next year I'll have more time and energy for riding and other pursuits. In the meantime I plan to staunchly defend status quo with an eye towards some sort of quirky three-speed century in 2011.

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