Sep 10, 2010

Eggs and Harshing Somebody's Mellow

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The ride home tonight was more engaging than usual.

After nearly getting left-hooked at Portland and Franklin (so much for front and rear lights and a hi-viz vest, I guess), I headed south on Chicago. There's been a hospital construction project going on most of the summer at Abbott Northwestern. I noticed today that they finally got around to installing the art. Several gigantic eggs were installed on both side of Chicago Ave. sometime during the day, it seems.

These will be great for photo tag.

Further south, I was bumping along somewhere around 35th street when I spied a young guy ride north in the south bound lane (the infamous bike-salmon). He's smiling ear-to-ear and holding his right arm up in the universal gesture for "hello" and "halt".

I kind of stared him down and swung out a little further into the lane to make room for this clown without breaking cadence. As I we met, I said "Wrong way, Dude" and kept pedaling on by.

His grin vaporized and he said "Oh..." and dropped his arm.

Only then did I realize that this poor guy was hoping for a friendly "high-five" as we passed. I felt kind of bad about harshing his mellow (I am such a curmudgeon). He was going the wrong way, though, so I bolstered myself with a shot of righteous indignation and proceeded homeward.

The high-five is kind of a nice bike fellowship gesture, I guess, but there will be a lot of lost teeth if this ever catches on. I prefer to holler and wave to other riders, myself.

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