Sep 2, 2010

Couple of Rides

This evening I saw the first flock of geese flying south - a harbinger of the coming winter, no doubt.

Spurred by our slide towards the dark times, I am pulling together a few rides this weekend. The first is a MPLS Bike Love "Noob" ride. We will be meeting at Gold Medal Park at 3:00 PM on Saturday, Sept. 4. For those not in-the-know, "noobs" are people that are new to a forum. On Bike Love, I think people make it past noob status at 20 on-line posts.

I think a better definition of "noob" (and the target for this ride) is anyone that may be new to the forum - or - may be a long-timer that has not actually gotten out and ridden on a group ride like this very much. The point of this ride is to get out and meet some new people, maybe make some friends, and have a cheap good time. Each and every one of you is welcome to join the noob ride, whether or not you have an account on MBL. If you are at all interested in meeting some other bike riders and seeing the sights of the MPLS riverfront, northeast MPLS, Theo Wirth, the Greenway, etc. get yourself over to Gold Medal Park and we will be happy to welcome you. The route will probably something like this.

The second ride of the weekend is a 3-speed ride. We'll be meeting at Trotter's Cafe in St. Paul at 10:00 on Sunday, Sept. 5. This ride will be a meander through some of the nice neighborhoods in St. Paul, including Crocus Hill. If you want to come early and have a cup of coffee at Trotter's, I'll probably be there. Otherwise, we will roll-out between 10:00 and 10:15 for this Gentleman Cyclist style adventure. I think this has also been posted on Gentleman Cyclist, so we may have some new (i.e. non-Bike Lover) 3 speeders there) as well. A lunch stop will be a very good possibility give the time, location and participants. If you don't have a 3-speed, we won't criticize you, but don't shift too much.

That's the plan for the weekend, so if you have time and interest, we'll put the welcome mat out. Ride safe!

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