Sep 16, 2010

PVD and The Daily Planet

The Daily Planet
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Business took me to Providence, RI (with a side-trip to Boston) this week. I haven't been to Providence for about a year, so it was interesting to see how it's faired over the past 12 months.

For the most part, Providence looks good for a Northeast city; there are several new buildings on the edge of downtown and the area I was staying in was tied up in knots by some sort of movie production that was being filmed a block from my hotel. Lots of trucks, people with walkie-talkies, cables all over the ground and lighting systems arranged around the streets. It felt vibrant and fun.

The best discovery of the trip was not recent, however. Thanks to my fractured Spanish, I was able to converse with my cabbie enough to learn that PVD has a long history in the film industry. In fact, the skyscraper that is now housing the Providence operations of Bank of America previously served as the headquarters of "The Daily Planet" (workplace of Clark Kent and Lois Lane) during the 1950's version of Superman. I did a double-take and sure-enough, my Spanish didn't fail me - this building was, in fact, the Daily Planet.

Damn. For all the times I've been to PVD I have never noticed this before.

I gave the cabbies a generous tip for that little pieces of "Place" trivia.

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