Sep 25, 2010

Love is All Around

No, I have not had some sort of conversion or an epiphany about the true nature of universal love.

More importantly, I have found the MP3 version of Husker Du's immortal cover of "Love is All Around", better know as the the theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore show. Although the hysteria is settling down, pride of place has fueled a long-running love affair between Minneapolis and Mary Tyler Moore. We have a bronze statute of Mary on Nicolet Mall that recalls the point in the opening credits where she throws her hat in the air, reruns of MTM used to run constantly on cable TV and people still point out "Mary's House" to each other over by Lake Calharriet.

One of my favorite local homage's to MTM is from the influential Minneapolis band Husker Du. They recorded a cover of Love is All Around that I have only ever heard on Youtube videos. Apparently this was released on a B side at one point, but never made any of the albums. The Husker Du version of this song crushes the Joan Jett cover like a grape, and what's more fun is that they filmed the video for it on Nicolet Mall and in the IDS Center, riffing on the opening of the MTM show pretty shamelessly. Between Bob Mould's voice on this and the driving Husker Du chords, it's got a lot better sense of place and captures Minneapolis better, I think.

Today I found the downloadable MP3 version of this song. It's located right here.

Here's to small victories.

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