Sep 30, 2010

My Position on Ads

Hear me comrades!
I note that many blogs display advertisements;
A trend I understand in this difficult economy.
We have all felt the impact in one way or another.
That so many of us have lost jobs cannot be denied.
However, I feel that
Advertising on this space would perhaps...

Compromise my editorial integrity.
Yea, verily - the freedom to speak one's mind without
Concern, or fear of repercussion, is a core value to me.
Long will I defend this right.
Each author must stand for what they believe.
Readers must as well.
Yes - that's my position on advertising.


  1. What kind of ads are you talking about? Are you talking about the anonymous google-ad type? They don't care what you say on your blog. Or are you talking about website sponsors? Have you had some companies interested in sponsoring the site?

    I'd love to find a sponsor or 3-dozen for my site VeloTraffic.

  2. It's kind of tongue-in-cheek. Read it again and pay attention to the structure...

  3. I figured HC would stoop to something as low as subliminal ads. They'll stop at nothing in their quest for world dominance!