Oct 26, 2010

Bomb Cyclogenesis FTW

We were treated to a "bomb cyclogenesis" today. For those of you less into weather than some of us, that's a strong, rapidly intensifying low pressure system. This storm, the first major storm of the Fall season for us, produced a good shot of rain, record low barometric pressure and some very impressive winds.

In Minneapolis, we saw a peak gust of 52 MPH at 5:15PM. That was about the time that I left the office to start my ride home. I rode to work today specifically to sample this monster storm and was not disappointed.

The winds were probably about 35 MPH (sustained winds) with some gusts over that. I doubt I felt the 52 MPH blast, but all forward progress was nearly stopped by one gust when I crossed I-94 on the Chicago Ave. bridge this afternoon.

My co-workers thought I was insane for riding to work today. On the other hand, I felt like I was the only sane one in the building. This is a huge weather event, and to miss out on the experience by huddling on a bus was unacceptable. Something like this only happens a few times in anyone's life, and to chicken out and ride the bus or drive would have made this just another rainy, blustery day in Fall.

Honestly, the ride was not as difficult as I expected. I was dressed for wet wind and didn't have any trouble controlling the bike. I was admittedly a little concerned about being blown into traffic by a side-wind, but that never happened. Not even close. The only real problem tonight was A-hole drivers. I don't know if it was the poor weather or not, but I noted more speeding, and more inconsiderate drivers than usual on the route home.

I think a little weather-related adversity is good for us. A case could be made that too much fine weather breeds complacency, sloth and indolence and suppresses intellectual development (indeed, this was a real theory in geographic thought; it helped to rationalize European colonization and is now widely considered to be, um... "culturally biased"). This windy slap upside the head is really good at focusing us like a sunny, 70 degree day can't.

I hope you all enjoyed the bomb cyclogenesis as much as I did. Stay safe and stay dry!


  1. You're almost making me think I should ride to work tomorrow. Almost.

  2. Yeeha! Just like riding in Kansas :)

  3. Unfortunately I experienced just another rainy, blustery fall day (secretly, some days I'm all for sloth, complacency and indolence).

  4. ahh i remember. It felt like just another day cold wet, maybe my mind was elsewhere.