Oct 9, 2010

Good Deeds

MMRB Tear-Downs
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This morning found me in Fridley bright and early. This was the last city recycling day of the year in Fridley, and I donated some of my Saturday to help Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles work the event.

MMRB gets a lot of their bikes from these kind of events. This is my second MMRB day in Fridley, and earlier this summer I worked Andover for them as well.

By now I have this down to a pseudo-science. I bring my own tools, a small folding table, and my work stand. It's not necessary to do this - MMRB has tools and stands, however I find I am faster and more comfortable working with my gear. I always learn something at these events as well. Today I got to remove a cartridge bottom bracket, which I don't think I've had to do yet (al of mine are either cup-and-cone or too new to bother with). It was a snap - brilliant design, really.

Tomorrow will be what is probably our last 3-speed ride of the season. This one promises to be a trip on the northern reaches of the Grand Rounds. We will be meeting at Longfellow Grill at 1:00 PM on Sunday if anyone's interested in tagging along.

Enjoy the awesome weather - it's a gift we need to appreciate!

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