Oct 10, 2010

Corps of Discovery

What may very well be the last 3-speed ride of the season set out from the Longfellow Grill today at about 1:00 PM. The official ride was on the order of 25 miles or so, but counting the ride to the ride and home again, I bet I logged 35 to 40 miles on the old clunker today.

The route took us north on the Grand Rounds. That's a nice route and I enjoy all of it, including the industrial areas north of downtown. The weather was unbelievable - warm and hazy and beautiful. A balmy end of the season on these bikes of a by-gone era.

This ride was about right - it was leisurely, but we moved along at a smart pace. We had only two real rest stops (one at the start of Weber Parkway and the other at Theo Worth) so it was more pedaling than milling. This was just about what I had in mind when I coined the "Corps of Discovery" concept for 3-speed rides. A little more gung-ho than a typical gentlemen cyclist ride, but not so much that it's unpleasant.

After all, we cycle for pleasure, not for penance.

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