Jan 31, 2011

Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting on Wednesday

The newly re-constituted Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee is having their first meeting of the year on Wednesday from 4:00 - 6:00 in Room 101 at 309 2nd Ave. So.

Unfortunately, I am on the outside looking in, but Don Pflaum was kind enough to add me to the distribution list for the agendas. Here is what's on tap for Wednesday's meeting:
1. Member introductions and sign-in (4:00-4:15)  
2. Selection of officers (Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary/Recorder) (4:15-4:30) 
3. Review of BAC mission and membership (4:30-4:45) 
4. Discussion of regular meeting time and place (4:45-5:00) 
5. 2011 goals (5:00-5:30) 
6. Schedule future agenda items (members may select topics) (5:30-5:50) 
7. Misc (5:50-6:00) 
These meetings are open to the public, so if you care about bike advocacy and can make it this meeting, please try to attend. I plan to be there, at least for the first half of the meeting. I have a prior commitment that involves thrashing the men's club broomball team from Our Lady of the Nativity. If I had known, I would have declined the broomball thing, but like I said, I didn't get an invitation, so I get my information from Facebook. And now email, thanks to Don.

Getting passed over may be just as well - I have a natural distrust of advocacy groups in general. The line between good and evil with these things is so narrow - properly used, these committees and advocacy groups can harness the energy of grass routes advocates and focus it, effecting powerful change for the better.  Many times, however, it seems these groups collect that precious energy only to discharge it harmlessly into a ground-bed of bureaucracy governed by Robert's Rules, which ensures nothing actually gets done and status quo is safe for another go-round.

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