Jan 23, 2011

Winter Weekend

Snow, Trees and Sun
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We are just back from a weekend at a cabin about 11 miles from Itasca State Park. It was really cold, but we managed to get hikes in on both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday's adventure included snowshoeing across the top of a of huge beaver dam, among other things, to sheltered point where we had a lovely sub-zero picnic of bratwurst, trail mix, meat and cheese, fruit and semi-frozen water.

We've been invited to cabins before and found the lake-life to be a little more ostentatious than we are comfortable with. This time, the cabin was nice but not over-the-top, and there was a lot more hiking and public lands as opposed to golf courses and power boats. That's much more our speed, so it was a comfortable weekend all around.

There is a lot of gravel roads and mountain biking around this area, as well as a few trails. I am curious to return in warmer weather and ride around here a little bit.

Monday morning starts another week, for a few more hours I can savor the weekend.

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  1. Nice pics. Reminds me of many winter weekends in the UP during my childhood.