Jan 27, 2011


Hennepin Sharrow 11/5/09
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It would seem at this point that my application for a seat on the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee has been rejected. Or rather, that my offer to serve has not been accepted.

I can't say for sure because I have not heard anything from anyone since submitting the application back in early December. I did call my councilman's office (John Quigley, Ward 11) and talked to the staff there. They did not know anything about the status of the appointment but committed to call me back. That was about 5 weeks ago now, so I've given up on sitting by the phone at this point.

The darker side of me meets rejection with rejection (fuck you - I didn't want that anyway). In this case, I'll try and manage that reaction and may try to attend a few of these meetings. To be honest, I have not heard good things about this group, which was my primary motivation to join them - how's that for being quietly subversive? I figure it's more effective to effect change from the inside than the outside.

If I can't get to the inside, I am now willing to work from the outside. Maybe that's a sign of being older and more mature. Still, you should have called back, Mr. Quigley, because I am not planning on going away any time soon.

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