Jul 11, 2011

Ask the LCI

As Faithful Readers will already know, I am a contributor to the Cycle Twin Cities website. We are trying a new feature on Cycle Twin Cities that I am very excited about. It's called Ask the LCI.

This a "Dear Abby" style column where we will be addressing Twin Cities cycling problems such as bad intersections, confusing laws or misinformed drivers. We hope that cyclists (and drivers) will submit questions related to site-specific challenges they encounter during their commutes and rides. We all encounter intersections that don't make sense or situations that raise questions, so here is a venue to raise an issue and get an educated answer from an expert and perhaps have a dialogue with others that have encountered the same situation.

The first installment ran today, and it was a topic that is near and dear to my heart. If you have other challenging situations or general questions about what a cyclist is supposed to in a given situation, send the questions to Cycle Twin Cities and a League Certified Cycling Instructors will respond with advise on how to handle that situation (for free!!). What better deal is there than that? Include a photo if you can and give a specific location, because we want to ride each situation if possible to really understand the setting. We are open to more general questions as well. Things like "how can I ride safely at night" are fair game!

Go ahead and ask away! I think this will be a fun project and we are eager to take on all questions. I think that in the long run, we'll also inform bike infrastructure decisions going forward, so that's exciting as well.

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