Jul 30, 2011

TC3-SAS Ride on Sunday

The Twin Cities 3-Speed Adventure Society will be riding from the train depot at Minnhaha Falls park to the State Fair Grounds (the link is a map if you are hazy on where this is). We plan to roll out at 9:00 AM, and we'll be stopping for food and refreshment at the Finnish Bistro as well, so bring a lock and some $$$ for goodies.

The purpose of this ride is 1.) pure enjoyment, and 2.) to show people who have never done it just how close the State Fair grounds and and how easy it is to ride your bike there.

Hopefully this will help at least a few people dig into their Suitcase of Courage and ride, rather than drive, to the State Fair next month. The food at the Finnish Bistro is great, so that will be a good reward for the brave adventurers that turn out for this one...

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