Aug 2, 2011

3-Speed Ride: Complete Success!

We had a great ride on Sunday. Two new riders showed up, including one that traveled from Wisconsin! The complete report is over here. The route totaled out at about 23 miles, which was plenty long enough given the humidity. It was probably closer to a 30 mile day factoring in the ride over to the start and back.

An added bonus to this sortie was that I was able to connect up with a fellow TC3-SAS rider and pass on a Dahon RV-mate folding bike that sort of came home with me. I ended up getting this piglet as part of a deal I swung to get The Spouse her nice Dahon Boardwalk. The seller wanted rid of both bikes but I only wanted the Boardwalk, so I ended up getting a good deal on the RV-Mate.

The RV-Mate sort of a cool bike, actually. It has a Sturmey-Archer 3-speed coaster hub, which I figured was worth the purchase price alone. The last thing in the world I need right now is another project, however. I was able to talk a friend into taking this off my hands, so he's got a new project to play with and I have an incremental increase in space in the garage.

Who knows what the next 3-Speed adventure will be? We'll figure that out in the coming week and probably uncork a ride in the relatively near future.

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