Aug 21, 2011

Things Seem to be Progressing Nicely...

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It's taken me awhile to decompress from my work reality. From the time I left work (July 1) until now, I've been kind if disinterested in getting "back on the horse" for whatever that means and filled my days with riding, swimming in lakes, doing house projects and generally bumming around.

Nothing really tangible yet on my so-called "next steps", however.

Okay - that's not entirely true - I completed my League Cycling Instructor (LCI) training and got my credentials in June, and I've assisted in a kid's Bike Rodeo. I am also writing an "Ask the LCI" column on Cycle Twin Cities, so I have used that a few times, but otherwise no really tangible "2.0 release" stuff just yet.

This weekend we seem to have turned a corner, however.

Through the LCI channels, I got the opportunity to volunteer to ride race support for the Mankato Marathon in October. Race support will have teams of riders assigned to each aid station. Riders will circulate between their assigned stations looking for runners in distress and render assistance as needed. I'll be one of those people.

What luck! Race support is something that I have been interested in doing for some time - it seems like a great way to see the world, have some fun and do good deeds all at the same time. This has been on my "to-do" list since I began to think about getting out of the rat-race, but it's not exactly something you can just waltz into. This is a great introduction to that scene and I would be a fool to pass this up.

First Aid/medical experience is helpful (but not mandatory) for this Mankato gig. I have completed Red Cross First Aid/CPR at least 4 times, but I am currently expired, so I'll be refreshing that in September. What's more, I signed myself up for the Red Cross Emergency Responder training this Fall as well. That will obviously be more demanding, but I have no doubt I can master that and with that credential, leg that out into race support for the countless marathons, triathlons, bike races, etc. around the State (or the Country, for that matter).

I also got the chance this weekend to throw my hat in the ring for another teaching gig. This time it's to assist with a Confident Cycling class in Rochester this weekend. I think Confident Cycling is one of the most important courses offered and wish everyone would take this class. Hopefully I am not too late to help out - the course material will be old hat to me, but skill drills and teaching will require some advance study, but that's what this week is for.

Finally, I took a walk on a prairie last evening and got to exercise my plant identification muscles. These were never all that strong to begin with, but botany and native plants have always been an interest, and I'd like to get better at knowing what's what in the wild. Yesterday was a good foray in that direction as well. Plus, time spent outside with no specified outcome is always good for over-all wellness.

All in all, things seem more optimistic right now than they have in a long time, and gentle movement towards another destination is beginning to reveal itself.

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