Aug 22, 2011

Putting Out the Welcome Mat

One of my internet pen-pals is coming to town!

Shawn and April of Urban Adventure League are well into a cross-county tour, traveling from Portland, OR (or "No. 2" as well call that City) and have pedaled through Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and the Canadian prairies so far. The final destination is... east. I don't really know how far they are planning to go, but I suspect it's as far as their funding and legs can carry them.

Shawn has been documenting the adventure (when he has time and internet access at his blog (link above).

I got an email from Shawn tonight telling me that he and April just arrived in Winnipeg, and they estimate that they are about two weeks from arriving in Minneapolis. During their time in Minneapolis, Shawn is hoping to do a presentation or two on his tour. He's led touring workshops and has some fantastic photos, so I will be helping him find a place (or a few places) to host his presentation.

It would be nice as well to treat these pilgrims to a little Minneapolis bike culture as well, so I'll see if we can't line up a ride or a meet-and-great event as well.

I am looking forward to meeting these people - Shawn sent me a kick-ass poster from one of the PDX 3-speed rides he organized and led and I have enjoyed his blog quite a bit, so it will be interesting to meet them and hear their tales of the road.

You can make a financial donation to support their trip and find out other ways to help them out here.

Stay tuned for more as this develops.


  1. I love the UAL!

    Um... Did I just hear "Beer on"?

  2. Good point. We need to start planning some kind of shenanigans here. Freewheel has agreed to host a UAL touring workshop, but maybe beers are in order....

  3. "traveling from Portland, OR (or "No. 2" as well call that City)"

    At least we know how to use the apostrophe in the Number 2. As we like to say in Portland, Minnesota is just another freeway in town. ;-)

    Lookin' forward to getting there! Now we just need to do some biking in the interim.