May 16, 2011

Another Fun Bike-Related Exchange!

Faithful readers may recall that I have a cyber pen-pal of sorts in the farthest reaches of southern England. We have a sort of mutual admiration society going. I envy his bikes, commutes and history, and he envies, um... MPLS bike culture, I guess? I don't have much else to offer a person with a couple of Singulars in the stable and easy access to the loveliest rides I've ever seen.

During the darkest and coldest stretch of winter, I offered a small token of appreciation to readers of this blog from overseas. Overly Curious was a recipient of that offer, and reciprocated with a little thank you gift from the lovely green hills of Torbay. It was a fun little international exchange, and I think we both enjoyed it. I've posted a few pics of Overly Curious's bike with the spoke card, so perhaps some have seen this, but if you have not, it's a MPLS Bike Love spoke card overlooking the English Channel (photo credit to Overly Curious Bystander).

I have a similar deal on the go again. A more recent reader, Adventure!, admired my TC3-SAS spoke cards. I enjoy his blog and was happy to set a few aside for him - he organizes 3-speed rides occasionally and is currently planning an epic tour that will take him through the Twin Towns, so hopefully I'll be able to hand the spoke cards over in person. You can help make that possible by making a small contribution to his fund-raising page. Give a little - it'll feel good...

Adventure! has offered me a poster he created for the Portland 3-speed ride! Sweet! I'll be watching the post for this and look forward to hanging this in a place of honor in my humble home.

Perhaps this is the start of a detente between Portland and Minneapolis?


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Expect the poster soon!

    As for Portland-Mpls detente, we shall see.

  2. We'll end up being sister cities - you wait and see.