May 3, 2011

Taking a Stand for Quality on the Internet

on bike
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How cool is this?

I am a member of the Flickr group "Bikebyshootings". I love the group - it's devoted to photos taken from moving bicycles (a mildly hazardous avocation I enjoy a lot). Extra credit for photos that evoke the feeling of speed and motion. What's not to like about a group like this?

Actually, what's not to like is the fact that some of the members will post photos of just about anything bike-related in that group. A bike in the snow, a pretty girl holding a bike, it was all there. Nice, but not the point of the group.

The quality of the group has been in a slow spiral for awhile now, so this weekend, feeling disgruntled with things in general, I posted a comment that many of these photos simply don't belong here. I expected the comment to be ignored or deleted within a few days, but instead, I was given "admin" authority and free license to clean up the group.

Bikebyshootings is now cleaned up now and ready for new submissions. You all ride, at least some times, so bring a camera along and shoot from the saddle. Post up on the group if it's at all interesting!

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