May 4, 2011

Reminder - Beers for Bloggers on May 5

Originally uploaded by Matty Lang
Just a quick reminder that I have a beers for bloggers event on the calendar for tomorrow at Sea Salt. I scheduled this before I realized it conflicted with Greaserag, so we'll be careful to avoid that going forward, but I plan to be there tomorrow nonetheless.

If anyone can make it, that would be swell. I'll keep an eye out for bikey looking people nad hopefully see some over there.


  1. I've got another engagement tomorrow at 7:00, but this is on my calendar. If time permits, I'm hoping to be able to stop by for a few minutes. I probably can't stay long enough to order anything, but maybe just long enough to shake a few hands and watch a few party tricks or something.

  2. It's on my calendar, hopefully I can get out of work in time for it; busy, busy these days.