May 25, 2011


I am about to pass through a gate, metaphorically speaking. It's not unanticipated, and it's probably past due. Still, crossing the line, and closing the door seems kind of intimidating.

The sense of excitement and unbounded opportunity is absolutely invigorating, but the undercurrent of bitterness and frustration makes this sublime.

I "friended" the Dali Lama on Facebook the other day and that's been useful. Many of the posts are about appearances, but he always seeds in a few words of wisdom to keep us subscribed (he's no fool). Today's post:

"Whatever path our activity takes, if our intention is to make ourselves useful to others, there is a good chance our conduct will be useful; whereas activities generally considered to be good, such as the practice of religion, risk causing more harm than good if they are not motivated by a desire to help our fellow beings."

That seemed appropriate this morning.

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