May 30, 2011

Rain then a Silver Lining, perhaps?

This is the story of my life (at least my life so far this year). Today's Plan of Operation today had called for a reconnaissance of a used RV that we are contemplating acquiring, followed by lunch somewhere on the river downtown, and then a meet up and ride to Coon Rapids dam and back with somebody I've been wanting to ride with. A nice agenda for this Memorial Day if I do say so.

This morning's radar is less encouraging than last night's forecast, however. This mess might blow through soon enough, in which We Ride! If it continues soggy, once again we shall reschedule yet another ride for yet another date in the future. I am past tired of this Spring. What a waste of season...

The RV is an exciting new prospect; if we had stayed in Anchorage longer, I think we would have probably bought one of these units because it's not like you can pull into any town and find a motel in AK. What's gotten our attention is a smaller VW Rialta - it's only 22 feet long, gets somewhere between 17 and 22 mpg (as good or better than my truck) and would be great for two people that get along, and as far as Rialta's go, it's pretty affordable. If it's in decent shape we may take this around the state on various and assorted birding and biking adventures this Summer and Fall. It also takes care of our lodging at the upcoming family reunion in deepest, darkest Southern MN.

We'll probably come to regret this at some point what with peak oil and the rescheduling of the rapture, but in the meantime, this could be a lot of fun, and would fit in nicely with my plans to enjoy life more. As an added benefit, the cat seems to really enjoy car trips, so we could take the chow-bag along for some of these adventures, too.

On another note, mark your calendars for next Sunday, June 5. We'll meet at Midtown Freewheel at 11:00, ride to 48th and Chicago and encourage the local merchants to improve bicycle parking facilities. I need to get off the dime and make some flyers and fire up the P.R. machinery for that little advocacy project.

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