May 31, 2011

Saving the Day. Or the Evening, Actually

Twilight from my front steps
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This evening, after dinner, the Spouse and I went for a toodle around Lake Nokomis. This short casual ride is sort of a little treat for us in the evening, and between the wind and the clear sun, it was a sparkling evening to be on a bike.

As we worked our way along the north side of the lake, a Hispanic guy riding with his young son asked if we had a tire pump. I did, so I pulled over and gave them a hand. The kid's front tire was entirely flat, but we got out the little hand pump and they were on their way in less than 5 minutes.

How Dad happened to pick me out of all the others riding around the lake, I'll never know. Maybe it was the Yehuda Moon-sized Carradice bag strapped under the Brooks saddle of Old Clanky, maybe the lack of lycra and logos, or maybe I look old and wise enough to carry a pump (ha).

This is my first road-side rescue of 2011. I keep track of road-side rescues for some reason. I had two of these last year; the first was a teenage girl whose chain got sucked into her crank and the second was a Bike Lover that flatted and didn't have a 15 mm wrench or pump that day.

At any rate, we got them rolling and got a nice "thank you" from Dad and big smile from the kid in return.

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